Go4hosting vs. BigRock – Which One Should You Choose?

Your choice of a web hosting service provider can actually make or break your online business. Both Go4Hosting and BigRock have emerged as popular and reliable web hosting service providers. While Go4Hosting has been there for more than a decade in this industry, BigRock also boasts of a rich experience and a satisfied clientele. Which hosting provider you should ideally choose will largely depend on your business needs, hosting requirements and most importantly, your budget. Go4Hosting offer dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, email hosting, colocation and cloud computing. BigRock offers quality domain registration services, business email hosting, digital certificates and eCommerce solutions.


How to decide between Go4Hosting and BigRock:

Go4Hosting plans are compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems. This provider is Microsoft Gold-certified partner with robust data centers are supported by N+1 generator. This robust architecture is resilient to network outages and can guarantee a high network uptime of 99.95%. In comparison, BigRock is not able to guarantee such a high uptime to its clients; you can hope to get 99.3% uptime.

While BigRock is mainly a leading hosting service provider for smaller businesses, individuals and professionals, Go4Hosting caters to large and small businesses alike. BigRock offers products to enable these businesses to expand their online presence and to this extent, it offers web hosting, domain registration, eCommerce solutions etc. They are known to power more than 6 million domains and their products are the culmination of more than 10 years of research. Go4Hosting has successfully delivered world class performance-driven hosting plans and even cloud hosting services.

With Go4Hosting, you can expect to expand your business by grabbing new expansion opportunities. Go4Hosting allows its clients to execute their business operations seamlessly with the help of their rich industry experience, technological prowess and services that are integral to a business model. This is possible because Go4Hosting is Microsoft-Gold certified partner with many years of experience in web hosting. In comparison, BigRock is primarily noted for its domain registration features. Domain name registration feature is important because any business that is planning to go online will need a unique domain name. BigRock is known for having provided millions of domain name registrations to clients. Since domain name selection can turn out to be a complicated procedure particularly for businesses lacking this expertise, BigRock can be very helpful for interested clients. They have had many years of experience in this field and they can rightly interpret the needs and preferences of their clients. Along with this feature, BigRock also offers free services like domain forwarding facility, privacy protection, Domain Theft Protection, DNS Management and 24×7 technical assistances.

Go4Hosting is known for offering high-end robust security for mission critical data. BigRock is likely to be more vulnerable to security threats because they are relatively new to web hosting. Hosting providers like Go4Hosting and GoDaddy are constantly updating their servers to keep them well-protected from hackers and malicious software.

Go4Hosting offers many types of hosting plans for reasonable rates; incidentally, you can also take advantage of their free trial versions to see if their services are reliable or not or benefit from their savings coupons available online from time to time. However, BigRock charges a little too much for their hosting packages. So, the prices of their hosting plans are definitely not affordable. Moreover, the apparently unlimited plans have many restrictions.

In terms of customer care, Go4Hosting scores higher than most other web hosts for their outstanding customer service support. You can be sure of getting 24x7technical assistance through live chats, emails and phone calls. However, many existing clients of BigRock plans have complaints that the company is more focused on getting new clients rather than on providing excellent services for their existing clients.

Even the cloud hosting services offered by Go4Hosting are very reasonably-priced. The provider guarantees high-end cloud computing with robust Tier III data centers which guarantee uninterrupted power supply.

CMS-Hosting-Go4hostingWhether it is database hosting, managed hosting, server management, dedicated firewalls, server clustering, storage, user-friendly control panels, SaaS hosting etc, you can turn to Go4Hosting. It offers scalable and secure networking environments which is compatible with all types of operating systems. Their technical experts have the skill and experience to ensure that your cloud infrastructure can cater to your business needs. They have high-throughput servers and cutting edge infrastructure that can maximize website performance. BigRock is better known for delivering affordable domain registration services. In doing so, it can guarantee your online presence at very low costs and find the best solutions for your domain needs. Moreover, it offers specialized web hosting like WordPress hosting and Joomla hosting. So, if you need hosting for installing CMS sites such as Joomla or WordPress or Drupal, or if you wish to launch smaller websites without will not get heavy traffic or make high bandwidth demands, then BigRock can help you. However, if you want to create large websites which will get high volumes of online traffic, then Go4Hosting is your best option.

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