YouStable Web Hosting Services

The cost of the domains has gotten down, but it isn’t easy to find cheap web hosting in India or any other region. However, few hosting companies are willing to provide web hosting services to the customers with a discount that will last for a year. You can use the discount coupons to get discounts on the existing plans offered by the affordable web hosting services provider.

Allow us to provide you with information on the web hosting provider and the coupons codes.

  1. YouStable Web Hosting Services

YouStable is an Indian-based web hosting company that registered under the Companies Act 1956, and it is a registered company recognised by the Government of India. The Indian based web hosting company offers affordable web hosting services to new users and existing customers on the platform.

They are one of the reputed companies that provide cheap web hosting services in India. YouStable Features:

There are many features and options comes with YouStable that very few people know about it, and we are going to list unique offers and features offered by the YouStable.

  • The entry-level web hosting package starts from $2.49 per month. Do not worry about the quality because it is a reliable website hosting service.
  • If you buy web hosting package from the YouStable, then you will get an SSL certificate for free of cost, and it automatically integrates to your website within a minute or a couple of days.
  • The company offers free on-page SEO service to anyone who purchases the web hosting account, and it is a goldmine because you can rank your website using one-page techniques.
  • It is an Indian-based web hosting company, but you can select USA or UK data centres.
  • The YouStable offers more options like VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, Dedicated WordPress, etc.

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  1. Interserver Web Hosting Services

Interserver is a USA-based company that offers affordable Unlimited Web Hosting services to the new customers and existing customers. The company is working to provide coupons codes so you can get few bucks off every time you purchase the cheap windows dedicated servers. You can browse from UK data centre or USA based data centre.

They are a reputed company that provides many features and services to the customers, and they are underrated because the competition is playing monopoly business in the region.

Interserver Features:

Allow us to list down unique features and options offered by the Interserver.

  • Interserver entry-level web hosting package starts from $5 per month, and it isn’t the lowest price offered by the competitors. But, the price is locked, and it means that you won’t be charged more than $5 after a few years and the competitors may charge you even more after few years.
  • The entry-level package offers Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage. No one in the business is offering unlimited SSD storage for $5 a month.
  • The entry package offers unlimited email accounts and no one in the business is offering it.
  • I have never seen any web hosting company to offer insurance, where you are sure to get assistance in Investigation, Restoration, and Prevention.
  • The company established 19 years ago, and you get 30-days money back guarantee from the team. No questions will be asked, and the money will be transferred to your account.
  • By spending $6 a month, you can get access to the VPS hosting. It offers 25GB of SSD storage, 1GB RAM, cPanel hosting, and more.
  • You can upgrade from entry level package to VPS hosting, hosting, Dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting, and Pro hosting.

Coupon Codes: Currently, they are not offering any, but Googiehost has a coupon code that works with Interserver.

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  1. Googiehost Web Hosting Services

Googiehost is an Indian-based web hosting company that offers free web hosting services to the freebies around the world. Googiehost became extremely popular after they launched the free hosting services for the students, small business, and newbies around the world. The company found financial stability after they started to offer premium hosting services.

The company tested and tried out several solutions, but they found that the Interserver web hosting services reliable with 24/7 customer support that solves every customer problems.

Coupon Code: You can use the Coupon Code GRABPENNY and Get Premium Unlimited Hosting Plan at Just $0.1 for the first month.

Coming to the features of the Interserver, and it will remain the same as Interserver regular packages and services.

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YouStable and Interserver is a good web hosting company that is independent of other web hosting companies. They offer the best services and features to the new customers and existing customers, and they have 24/7 customer care so that you can resolve the technical issues. Let us know which one you have selected in the comment section below.

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