Best Video Apps to Increase Your Social Media Reach

Want to increase your reach of social media and make your message go viral? Are you tired of Facebook limit the scope of your messages?

Video content is one of the best ways to increase the engagement of your supporters on social media; and when the engagement increases, your scope will also grow. The power of video as content very attractive is the reason why social media platforms plus implement new video products: video ads on Facebook, animated gifs on Twitter, the launch of hyperlapse for Instagram etc …

However, if you created the same type of video that everyone, chances are, your disciples also ignore these messages. Users pay more attention to content that is unusual and unique. Another video display is not enough. It must be different from what others are doing.

In this article I will describe some best online video search app for smartphones that allow you to create exceptional and unique videos that will certainly increase your commitment to making your videos stand out from the mass.

1. Fast Video Clips: Magisto

Make promotional video clips that include nice music, visual effects, and images that “dance” to the rhythm of the band could be time and excellent video editing skills.

Magisto solves this problem by doing all the work for you. All you need to do is select the images and clips you want to include in your video and choose a style and soundtrack and … voila!

The application is so easy to use, you will get amazing results, even if the images and clips used are not too engaging. There are three steps:
Selecting images: This could include videos or photos you already have in your smartphone. You can also record a new video.

Choose a style: Magisto currently offers 19 different editing styles. Each of them has a range of transitions, filters, effects, text, etc …

Include a soundtrack: There are 16 songs to choose from, but you can also select one of your music library.

2. Mix speeds get Warning: SLOPRO

Do you remember these fight scenes on the matrix, where the action has gone from super-fast super-slow motion while the camera was moving? This effect was a mouth-open at the time, and even these days.

You can get a similar effect with Slopro, which will definitely create an impact on those who are watching your video. In fact, this technique is so popular, it is used in a new emerging trend in social media: the donut selfie.

After shooting your video, you simply change by selecting the starting and ending points when you apply a certain speed. Each speed setting is shown in the timeline with a different color, allowing you to better select the exact point where you want to apply an effect of speed.

3. Go Vintage: 8MM

People love vintage things. They make us feel that we are able to travel in time, bringing old memories of our childhood or even imagine the time that we live.
Combining the power of video content with a vintage touch is a powerful strategy. You can recreate these emotions in your disciples to help them absorb your message more easily – as they are in a relaxed state of mind. Moreover, it could also enhance the viral effect of your campaigns.

One of the best free video search engine applications on the market to do this is 8 mm, which as the name suggests is an emulator of old 8mm projectors and recorders.

4. Images Come Alive: Cinemagram

Cinemagraphs, these photos that contain moving parts, have been around for several years. And somehow, people still so surprised when they see one of these events it is quite common, they will share content and make it viral on social media.

Originally, the cinemagraphs creation was limited to only a few people with a good knowledge of Photoshop and a lot of patience. However, with the evolution of technology, there are applications on the market that create these very easily. One of them is Cinemagram.

cinemagraphs creation with this app is a simple two-step process. Just turn a short clip (or import an existing), then with your finger, select the area containing the animation. Everything else will remain, according to a normal photograph.

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