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Content management system (CMS) is a type of web hosting system that allows multiple users to manage the content of a website. With CMS hosting the users may have different levels of authority to access the content online. The authorised contributors just login to the website and make the desired changes as per their authority and it will be instantly visible to the website visitors. Managing could include adding, deleting, modifying, editing archiving, publishing or distributing the content. The users are authorised employees or third party content contributors that have the permission to the website. Some may have authority to do all types of managing while a few may have authority only to add content. The multiple contributors can function simultaneously online without disturbing each other’s work.

Another important point of CMS hosting is that it separates the written content from the web designing section. So the writers can continue to keep adding pages without worrying about copying the concerned web design to the pages. CMS has the capability to update the links to the pages based on the new content added. The content could be in any form like press releases, blogs, articles, photos, videos or audios, invoices, packing slips, descriptions and many more similar types. The purpose of CMS is to allow all contributors to build and manage the content in a website.

Features that benefits the users:

CMS hosting makes it possible for a website to keep and store all their data at a single place. Once stored the data can be amended any number of times and the CMS keeps a tracks of the updates and changes and makes it available to the visitors. With its enhanced form of restrictions on access to the site, CMs thus offers better security and privacy. CMS is very cost effective e and so suits the budgets of even the smaller websites.

Characteristics of CMS:

CMS hosting is SEO friendly. It has the capability to delete duplicated content and provide content with keyword search. It gives is clients complete control over the content and other information and any changes that the client wants to perform to the content can be done with ease without affecting the performance of the site. It also allows third party comments, reviews and chat on the website about the products. The clients can customise the CMS in any way they want. It is compatible to many platforms including social networks, ERPs, CRM systems and mobile applications.

CMS hosting are available in different forms.

Hosted solutions: Customers can avail the professionally hosted solutions to create a feature rich website. The host builds, maintains, and manages the website with complete technical support for a monthly price.

Free solutions: Most of the features are similar to the hosted CMS offers but here it comes free of cost. The host extends a free version that can be enhanced to a premium version. The free versions come with a few restrictions.

E-Commerce Solutions: This is specially designed for the clients for the online ecommerce websites. The steps involved here include creating shopping carts, a issueless payment processing system, a high level security system and tools for keeping a track of the business growth.
The three widely used blogging CMS platforms that are open source and free and come with the easy to use one click installer are

WordPress: The most used CMS hosting platform has a large community of users and developers. It offers excellent support through resources books, videos, blogs, courses etc. It is easy to manage and has many themes and template designs.

Joomla: Yet another popular type of CMS hosting it is widely used for medium and large websites. Joomla has the maximum plug-ins though it is advisable to do a check on the quality before using it for a website. It is widely used for e-commerce and high traffic websites. It has an excellent support system.

Drupal: it is a strong and solid CMS platform but requires good technical knowhow so going in with a host is recommended. It is the best CMS with different access control levels for multiple users and very good for large traffic websites that needs scalable features.

CMS hosting India plans are designed to suit the differing requirements of all types of websites. The host offers the one click installer and also extends constant monitoring to ensure the safety and security of the data.

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