Pushkar Fair, Camel Fair of Rajasthan, In India

The Pushkar Fair, the famous camel fair of Rajasthan in India, is one of the great annual events of the Indian state of Rajasthan: The Pushkar Fair next to the Thar Desert takes place coinciding with the full moon of November, and congregates to almost a quarter of a million people around an amazing and authentic show, a feast for the eyes of the shrewd traveler. Come and see all the magic of the Rajasthan of India in the Pushkar Mela.

Pushkar Fair: camels, turbans and devotees.

Perhaps in another place on the planet, the conjunction of a cattle fair and a religious pilgrimage do not work the same prodigy; but we are talking about the always bewitching India and specifically of Rajasthan, the most fascinating and colorful state of North India.

And it is not just a souk on the sand where thousands of heads of cattle are bought and sold; of camel and horse races, competitions, rivalries and deals between farmers.

Pushkar’s spell in these days of November lies primarily in the human spectacle that revolves around the cattle fair. Here and these days the best of the human theater of Rajasthan meets, and that’s saying a lot.

As well as the painted, decorated and richly harnessed camels, fascinate the unusual mustaches and the original turbans of the men of Rajasthan, the multicolored saris of their women, the exquisite crafts and jewelry that developed for centuries in the legendary bazaars of Jaipur and that Here it is displayed and used in many cases daily.

Once the deals were made and the material of the day was seen, the farmer or the dealer always needed to have fun. Hence, during the eight days of the fair there is no shortage of recreational activities: polo, cricket, kabaddi tournaments, parades and performances by folk groups, hot air balloons rising above the desert; Acrobats, comedians, snake charmers, all the magic of the gypsies of the Rajasthan desert.

But also, in parallel to the fair, and in fact its raison to be, the celebration of Brahma, the creator God, is celebrated. And it is that Lake Pushkar is a sacred place on whose banks almost five hundred shrines stand, one of them dedicated to Brahma, something unique in the world. Most of the Hindu visitors will pay tribute to the god of the four faces in that temple. And they will bathe in the waters of the sacred lake to purify themselves, because they want the tradition that, like the waters of the Ganges, they also have the power to forgive the sins of a lifetime.

The festival lasts eight days. In its first half it focuses on the cattle fair; the second is devoted to devotion.

Pushkar Camel Fair – Travel Guide.

When to go:

The 2015 fair will take place between November 19 and 25. Accommodation reservations in Pushkar and Ajmer are made almost a year in sight.

How to get:

Pushkar is located in the state of Rajasthan, 11 km from Ajmer and about 130 km from Jaipur, the reference airport in the area. The distance from Pushkar to Delhi is just over 400 km.

A trip to the Pushkar fair.

A special travel proposal to attend the Pushkar Fair.

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