Make Use of Joomla to Easily Create Interactive and Secure Websites

Joomla is one of the most popular, free and open source content management system (CMS) in the world today. A powerful tool for creating and managing dynamic websites, Joomla is designed to assist in easy publication of content on the internet and the intranet. Joomla comes with an extensive set of important features and applications that permits users to customize any website with convenience. It comes with hundreds of free extensions that allow web designers and web masters to extend its functionality and customize it to suit their own specific requirements.

Also, Joomla content management system is supported by a large number of people from across the globe. Novice users can easily turn towards this knowledgeable and friendly community (more than one-half million members and more than 20,000 developers) for any assistance required with Joomla hosting. The Joomla Web CMS is considered to be a popular choice for hosting an extensive range of websites ranging from smaller sites to large and secure government applications.

This open source script that stands somewhere between other popular CMSs like WordPress and Drupal, is also favoured by fairly advanced programmers, who use it to create sophisticated websites. Joomla is easy to install on almost any web server with PHP and MySQL. Keeping all these factors in mind we shall now look at some of the important benefits of Joomla hosting that has made it one of the most popular Content management system (CMS) in the world today.



Easy to use : This is perhaps one of the most important features of Joomla hosting. Its easy accessibility and a simple utility process allow novice beginners to create quiet an interactive website without too much technical complications. A large number of tutorials and books from experts are readily available that further simplifies the entire process of understanding web hosting mechanism.

Fast, safe and easy editing : This aspect of Joomla hosting can be best explained with an example. A user for instance is not using CMS wants to one of the pages on a website. He/ she needs to make use of file transfer protocol (FTP) to download the file, make the necessary changes and the re-upload the file.

Things, however, may not turn out to be as simple as it seems. The upload may be cut off in the middle or the person intending to make the necessary changes may not be technically proficient or well-versed with FTP and related technicalities. People trying to make the necessary changes may not be aware as to what part requires editing or who else is carrying out the editing on the same page.

All these are legitimate questions that make editing in absence of a functioning CMS quiet a hassle. These questions, however, can be better solved by a reliable CMS like Joomla that has strong features in place for data integrity.

Joomla ensures utmost safety of your data by locking content when someone is editing. This means that no one will be allowed to edit content text, documents, files, modules, etc if someone else is editing the same content. It also uses power editing tools that make editing extremely convenient. In fact editing with Joomla is so easy that users making use of its powerful editing tools will feel as if he’s editing a Microsoft Word document, and not content on his website.

Powerful and easy menu creation tool : This is another major reason that has contributed hugely to Joomla’s popularity in CMS world. Its easy and extremely convenient menu creation tool allows a person with very little technical knowledge and expertise to easily create hierarchical menus consisting of various menu items pointing to different locations internally (to the website) and externally. It also has a comprehensive navigation system that can successfully manage several hierarchies. It allows you to easily manage a site even with couple hundred subpages.

Security updates : Open source matters releases security updates whenever there is any report of security issues with this CMS. This is an important aspect of Joomla hosting as it ensures that all the websites ranging from the smallest to the largest running on Joomla do not face any security threats and operate smoothly.

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