Linux Shared Hosting-The Reason for Its Growing Popularity

Linux Shared Hosting-One of the Most Popular Hosting Options:

Linux shared hosting is one of the most economic form of web hosting and is also one of the most popular hosting form across the world. If the reason behind the popularity of linux shared hosting is analysed, one comes up with many facts. When new business ventures enter the market, they create a website to make their market presence felt. But they are not ready to spend huge amounts of money, considering they are new entrants in the market. So they need some economic option for their hosting needs. So business men naturally check out options that would be more financially viable to them, and thus they go for Linux shared hosting. There are different hosting companies that provide hosting services. All of these have different set ups & configurations, and hence different pricing as well.

The Basic Idea behind Shared Hosting

The idea behind shared hosting is that it is based on sharing server resources. This implies that one server is divided in to numerous partitions, which in turn can be accessed by hundreds of websites. All the factors which are based on server like disk space, operating system, central processing unit (CPU), random access memory (RAM) are shared commonly by websites. Surprisingly even bandwidth is shared, even though it is an important factor from the webmaster’s point of view. Although a number of websites share the same server space but there is no limitation of bandwidth, disk space or any other feature.

The reason behind this is that very powerful servers are used by web hosting companies for the benefit of their clients. The servers are also highly configured. A lot of hosting companies provide their clients with both the options i.e. Limited disc-space and unlimited disk-space. Client can choose any option depending on the requirement of their website.

Linux Shared Hosting- The Relative Advantage:

Linux shared hosting is considered to be ideal for blogs, because usually blogs do not have content with heavy data like audios, videos and flash objects which relatively need a higher amount of bandwidth. Another thing is that if we compare Linux shared hosting and Windows shared hosting then we would know that Linux hosting is comparatively cheaper than Windows shared hosting. This is because windows need licensing whereas Linux is a free open-source platform. But despite being cheaper, Linux Hosting is able to make use of system resources in a better manner when compared to Windows Hosting.

All this has made Linux hosting increasingly popular today. The shared hosting provider’s offer a number of tools that have make this platform very user-friendly and also offer ease of access. Furthermore Linux shared hosting provides high security services as compared to any other platforms. Security is one of the most essential concepts of reliability and Linux shared hosting provides high reliability and stability. It also supports a wider range of programming languages. These powerful features provide the user with the ability to create data driven, dynamic and interactive websites that surpass the traditional static pages.



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