Reasons to Opt For Dedicated Server Hosting Companies

The dedicated server is found to be ideally suited for large websites which deal with online transactions. It comprises of a single server dedicated exclusively for use by a specific company which is therefore entitled to the entire server’s resources like bandwidth and disk space. In this type of hosting, the business rents out or leases a whole server for its exclusive use unlike in shared hosting where there are multiple users sharing the resources of a common server. Dedicated server hosting or managed server hosting service, as it is commonly referred to, is more flexible than shared hosting because the organization enjoys complete control over the server resources including the choice of hardware and operating systems.

Advantages of using a dedicated server:

Dedicated hosting offers many advantages to clients especially e-commerce websites which cannot afford to face downtime.

Reliability: Dedicated hosting guarantees more reliability than shared hosting plans because in this type of hosting, the client does not need to share resources like storage space and bandwidth with other users. There is no fear of resources being used up by cohabitants as in a shared hosting environment. You can enjoy a higher uptime which means that your website will be up and running at all times. This is particularly necessary for e-commerce websites which cannot afford to malfunction at any time. Any downtime in these websites can lead to huge losses for the business because the customers will never come back to such sites.

Administrative Access: In dedicated hosting, the client enjoys total administrative control or root access that lets him install programs and configure the server settings to suit his needs. The root access even allows the client to monitor resource usage; this is useful because it helps to identify potential issues and get them corrected before they can affect the site adversely.

Technical Support: Dedicated hosting plan providers will typically guarantee round-the-clock support for your site so that any technical glitch is resolved without delay and downtime. The dedicated web hosting plan providers will offer valuable advice and prompt assistance to ensure that your website is up and running.

Storage: Using dedicated server hosting plans is convenient because you do not have to store the server in your own office space. The hosting provider is responsible for keeping the server secure in a climate controlled environment. It will ensure that extreme temperature or condensation or any other environmental condition does not affect its performance.

Security: This is unarguably one of the strongest advantages offered by dedicated server hosting. Compared to shared hosting plans or VPS hosting plans, dedicated hosting plans offer a far better security. A dedicated server guarantees high uptime because there is no need to share the bandwidth with other users. Moreover, clients have the option of choosing managed dedicated hosting whereby the entire responsibility of server management rests with the provider.

Scalability: By choosing a dedicated server, you have the option of expanding your business comfortably without having to migrate to another web host when your needs grow.

These are some benefits which have made more and more ecommerce websites sign up for dedicated server hosting. They are worth the investment because they guarantee faster loading speed and unlimited storage space. For those businesses is search of reliable web hosting, dedicated hosting plans are the most viable.

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