How Go4hosting is the Best Web Hosting Provider of 2017

How Go4hosting is the Best Web Hosting Provider of 2017

Go4hosting is by far the best web hosting provider of 2017 and with good reasons too. This web hosting company has been in this industry for nearly two decades. It offers a wide range of hosting options like dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, colocation hosting, email hosting etc.

This plethora of hosting options ensures that you can get quality services not matter what the budget and business goals are. It is advisable to choose the right hosting option for your business to make sure that your online presence is increased.

So, when you are a start-up or you have a limited budget to work with, you can sign up for their shared hosting plans. You can choose the VPS plans when you want to have greater control over the server and its resources. Finally, when you run an ecommerce site and need the server resources exclusively for yourself, you should opt for their dedicated plans.

Reasons why Go4hosting is the best web host of 2017:

  • Go4hosting provides Tier III data centers which will ensure that your critical data is well protected. Their state-of-the-art data centers keep the data safe round-the-clock through comprehensive security measures. They offer separate security zones and fault-resilient hardware components. All their facilities have biometric access control for enhanced security. These data centers are supported by N+1 redundancy which guarantees 99.9% uptime even when there is a component failure.
  • Another reason why Go4hosting ranks as one of the leading web hosting providers today is because of their outstanding customer service support. Their high-end customer support staff offer unlimited supports which have won them global recognition. Go4Hosting is also Microsoft Gold-certified partner with many years of experience in web hosting.
  • Go4hosting offers affordably-priced cloud hosting services and these cater to clients of different backgrounds. Their cloud services are supported by their high-end data centers which are backed by N+ 1 generator guaranteeing uninterrupted power supplies.
  • Whether it is VPS hosting or dedicated hosting, it provides scalable and economical cloud hosting solutions. Their services have been tried and tested and are found to be suitable for all kinds of businesses. Their plans can also be suitably customized; they enjoy 24×7 security and Microsoft certified supports. Their cloud services are compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems, and other open source platforms. With their cloud hosting plans, you can enjoy features like on-demand access, auto-scaling, and elastic IP addresses.
  • Go4hosting is a top web host today because of the technical advantages it offers that lets you build you business seamlessly. This web hosting company offers end-to-end maintenance solutions; their experts will deliver constant hosting solutions, timely upgrades for the hardware, downtime resolutions and site traffic handling by qualified engineers.
  • When you sign up for their cloud hosting, you can access the data from anywhere. Security for the cloud hosting solutions is provided through firewalls. You can add resources when you need them and customize these servers. This means that you pay only for the resources you use and nothing extra.
  • In terms of security too, Go4hosting ranks as one of the leading providers of secure web server hosting solutions. Whether you buy their shared hosting or dedicated hosting plans, you will benefit from multiple security provisions. The data centers locate in safe places which have continuous access to power supplies. There are power backup options for additional security. They offer carrier neutrality and businesses are free to choose their Internet Service Providers.
  • Go4hosting also offers affordable colocation hosting services. Most businesses do not have the capacity to house their own servers; they prefer to use colocation services. This allows them to depend upon the infrastructure, power and air-conditioning systems, security and support from their providers. Colocation can provide you with a cost effective solution and you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your data is completely secure.
  • To boost your brand image, you must be able to have your own domain. Go4hosting offers this advantage too by allowing you to search for your preferred domain name. Their domain registration services are very cheap and you can even get multiple domains.
  • You will need a huge amount of capital to build a private data center. Maintenance of this data center will demand constant technical supervision by qualified staff and round-the-clock monitoring. This turns out to be quite costly for the small and medium sized enterprises. Not only the small businesses, even the larger enterprises prefer colocation hosting from a reputed web host like Go4hosting to cut down on their operational and capital expenses.

So, Go4hosting offers businesses the room they need for further growth. Their superior infrastructure and facilities are par excellence and their data centers are fault-resilient making sure your data is in the safest of hands. Their value-for-money hosting plans are the reason why they continue to dominate the web hosting world.

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