Top Luxurious Trains in India: Creating Life-Time Memories

Top Luxurious Trains in India: Creating Life-Time Memories

A luxury train journey is unforgettable. For many, it could be a life-changing experience. Somebody who is pampered like a king or a queen on board the train for one whole week may wish to continue with the same treatment after the tour. You may or may not have those gold-rimmed plates, royal chandeliers, maharaja style drapes, king-size beds, royal bathrooms, and personal butlers, but you may still want to live life king or queen size from now on.

Feel special. Life is your kingdom. You are your life’s king or queen. Celebrate each moment because it won’t come again. Every day is unique. Extract pleasure and the best from everything. These and more are things that a luxury train travel teaches us.

Eras are not born. They are made. You can make your own royal era in life by enjoying all the best things in the world. This is not about being super rich or something. This is about enriching your life. This does not always require money, but always require an attitude.

What’s more? Some of the top luxurious trains in India provide special offers. For example, the Maharajas’ Express is giving early bird offers. The sooner you book a suite in this train, the higher you get a discount. The train is also offering 50 per cent discount on an accompaniment. These and more such offers make luxurious trains accessible to a wider mass. So, traveling in luxury is, no longer, a distant dream. Of course, it requires money, but then it also requires an attitude to seek only the best in life. Only then would you want to spend money on luxury travel, right?

The Maharajas’ Express

Why are we talking only about this train out of a slew of luxury trains in India? Well, this is because this train has received several globally acclaimed travel awards.  It finds a mention in various prestigious travel magazines. The train is labeled as the world’s most luxurious train. It was bestowed by the 7-Star Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards of 2016 in Marbella in Spain.

Do you need more reason to choose this train out of other top luxurious trains in India? There are more:

  • The train has an in-built water filtration plant, which is unique.
  • It features a super-luxurious Presidential Suite, which spans one whole carriage.
  • It deploys personal butlers to each passenger.
  • It features two lavishly decorated and well-equipped dinning cars, a bar, and a lounge.
  • The whole train is well connected through telephone lines and WiFi. There is also a live television.
  • Each suite has an individual climate control system.

Each passenger is given a red carpet welcome in traditional Indian style through ‘teeka’ and garlands at the platform.

Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) owns The Maharajas’ Express. The train runs on five circuits. It covers over 12 tourist destinations of Central India and North West India. Its tours mostly revolve around places in Rajasthan. The train operates between October and March. There is only one way to know this train better: travel in it.

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