Facts You Should Know About Identity Theft Protection Services

According to a LifeLock review, the Company stands as the only provider offering a promising identity theft protection service. It consists of a rock-solid comprehensive monitoring system for your personal information including your name, addresses, Social Security number, bank accounts, as well as credit and debit card reports. Through their identity restoration specialists, LifeLock can assume the power of attorney to help its customers through the mitigation and recovery process of identity theft cases.images-1

Moreover, Life Lock takes an outstanding role to help its customers to manage stresses and pain from identity theft, as well as reimburse them the funds stolen. Besides, they also cater for expenses incurred by clients when off work and travelling during the event of identity theft. They also carry out real time monitoring of their customers’ personal and financial information and alert you on any potential suspicious activity of identity theft.

What should you know?

From Life Lock’s point view, it can be argued that the company offers the best identity protection solutions in the world. But that is not the truth. Even the strongest holds some weaknesses and no one is ever perfect. We all focus on the positive side of things without asking ourselves what we could expect if things went sideways. In addition to Life Lock, there certain facts you should know about all existing identity theft protection services.

  • Even the best services cannot help you with certain types of identity theft such as medical identity theft. All commercial services can monitor all personal and financial records, but privacy laws deter them from accessing your medical benefit statements including any tax info or Social Security benefits paid under your name. It is your responsibility to keep track by making requests of your record from the respective agencies.
  • No company can safeguard your personal data by 100 percent. With the advance in technology, both security teams and hackers are continually trying to outsmart each other. Considering the ever-increasing cases of data breaches, there is good evidence to proof that good people don’t always win. Besides, you cannot entrust your personal information to the security specialists of any identity theft protection service. Some of them cannot be genuine and can interfere with your potential benefits of the Company’s post-theft recovery services.
  • There exist free and low-cost options of paying your protection. The ideal protection offered by commercial services revolves around monitoring and compensation for the stolen identity fraud. Before you settle for any identity theft service, it is important to know what you can do to yourself. First, the Fair Credit Reporting Act entitles all the Americans to one free report per year from each of the three bureaus Annual Credit Report, Credit Karma, and credit Sesame. They all conduct monitoring, credit freeze, and alert you on any suspicious identity theft activity at low cost.

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