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Writing services; creation and purchase, are already a heavy money spinning business across the globe. When an industry has a turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars annually, it is already considered a booming industry.

Understandably, millions of writers are emerging to take advantage of the many opportunities in the web content writings today. So do thousands of writing solutions providers like content webs and content marketing platforms. The result is a decline vis-à-vis the surge in quality of the web contents available on the media spaces.

So, the question is, how do content users reach trusted quality content/creative writers and freelancers?  How can you, as a client be sure you have the best web contents materials out there? Contentmart, an Indian based content marketing web has a secured solution for that.

Test of writers’ competence

Unlike many content webs spread across the internet spaces, Contentmart takes time to ensure that every writer admitted into their platforms is of quality writing skills. This is done by ensuring every freelance writer creates a profile where decent writing collections are stored and a writer’s portfolio shown for all intending clients to verify.

That’s not even all. All writers are asked to undertake tests of English language, and a few other languages available on the platforms. Interestingly, every writer is graded based on the depth of the tests passed. A writer may be cleared as a beginner, Intermediate or an Expert in English Language competence tests passed. Without even an exchange of any discourse, clients could easily decide the level of a writer’s competence by merely looking at his or her profile.


Contentmart also has a template to monitor the timeliness of work submitted. Every creative writer undertaking content writing jobs will be monitored and reminded when he/she misses the time fixed for his/her job.

This is to ensure that creative writers honour the deadlines scheduled at the reception of the work.

Quality Control

Besides giving the clients the chance to look through the work before approval, Contentmart also ensures that every work submitted is scanned to checked plagiarism. This is a way of ensuring that every writer takes originality as very strongly.2


Since the Contentmart designs it biddings in such a way that both the creative writer and clients contributes carefully to arriving at a price, clients and content users has the opportunity to interface with the Freelance writer and hit a compromise in such a way that it ends a win-win deal.

The writer is satisfied while the client is also satisfied.

Variety of choice

When you consider the number and the different expertise of the web content writers on Contentmart, it becomes easier to say clients are spoilt for choices.

Content is designed is such a way that many writers can bid for the same content writing job at the same time.1

Lastly, the steps and processes in Contentmart are well simplified. New users can master the step in a couple of hours, giving the creation of interactive and engaging creative web contents a niche ahead of the rest.

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