Herolocity Review: 365 Platform Features & Benefits

A game changer in the business automation aspect, Herolocity brings a single platform canopying three different products, namely Website365, Automate365 and Agency365, all with the same aim of providing businesses with complete automation to maximize overall operational efficiency, flexibility and profitability. The focus remains on solid business connectivity with its website through hundred plus web applications to achieve a fully managed web presence.

This is done through enabling a cloud phone system that is integrated with the user’s website and CRM that then combines the power of all the apps and allows business operations to be carried out from anywhere and at any time. When businesses have core concerns at hand, dealing with minor yet overwhelming tasks of the day like invoicing, placing online orders and phoning can well prove to be a big hindrance and may slow down the business progress. Of course, these tasks can be handled by specially hired employees like professional invoice handlers, cashiers and public dealer.

However, this can result in increased business costs. With the 365 platform, all this can be taken care of. Your appointments, invoicing, online orders and phone calls can be managed through a single platform so you don’t have to deal with multiple platform providers, from different locations, with various packages and costs, all of which can prove quite confusing and all over the place. Furthermore, the one-click apps your company will be using are totally free of cost and capable of connecting the entire business.


The 365 Platform caters to a range of users, from business owners to website owners and designers. For any business and business owner, Herolocity brings Website365 which is a website design service that includes marketing in a way to transform the business’s daily operations, sales and marketing in a way that it creates an online presence that in turn brings to the business core customers. Since the entire online presence is in sync with the business, the website can be accessed from any location to handle the daily business dealings.untitled


  • Cloud Hosting:Your webpage is hosted via the 365 platform for fast and unparalleled connectivity.
  • Business E-Mail: Allows for easy creation, management and access of business email account from any device and from any location.
  • Website Analysis: With the help of the Analytics App, you can assess the entire presence, traffic and in-depth insights of your web with much ease.
  • Domain Name: You can register for standard domain names, for instance .com or premium domain names such as .shop.
  • Website Text: Professionally composed website text optimized for the search engines and to convert casual onlookers into potential customers.


  • Professionally designed website. With Website365, not only will you be presented with a website that is designed by a team of professionals but also find massive room for customization.
  • Round-the-clock service. Even after your website is complete, you can still ask for changes from the business’ team in the future should the need arise.
  • One of the biggest benefits of Website365 is its capacity to facilitate any scale operation. Whether you are a sole trader or a big multinational corporation, the product’s business automation applications can scale your business at any level so you do not have to go through the hassle of outsourcing or using third-party plug-ins in the future.


The Automate365 tends to the needs of all business owners where it helps them connect every aspect of their daily corporate to the website, acting as a complete operating system. The product is free of charge.


  • Free of cost, with no subscription fees and other charges
  • Compatible with all CMS platforms
  • Automatic updates
  • One platform


  • Minimized costs and maximized revenue. The presence of 100+ free applications certainly makes life easy and reduces the need for the business to hire labor. This in turn leads to significant cost cuts and at the same time eliminates the room for any human errors.
  • Helps get to the market faster. Because it is free of cost and requires no significant upfront and on-going costs, Automate365 can help the business get started with its operations faster.
  • All the business applications are highly customizable and also constantly upgraded with new features.


Agency365 aims to convert any website design into a completely functional website in less than half a minute, followed by extending the 365 platform to user’s customers under their own brand name.


  • Cloud hosting
  • E-mail accounts
  • Domain registration
  • Analytics
  • Website exporting
  • Automatic updates


  • Reduces developmental costs. With Agency365, 90% of labor cost can be saved per project.
  • Quick developmental span. A complete business website transformation may take from 3 days to 30 seconds.
  • Little room for human error. To err is human, but with the 365 developmental platform, human errors can be curtailed.
  • Extra features due to the availability of 100+ apps.

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