Why I Moved From BigRock To Go4Hosting

I was using Big Rock mail server for close to a year for my business. I was told by a friend that Big Rock is a leading provider of a wide spectrum of domain services with a vast experience in this industry. He even quoted his own experiences which created an impression that they were the best on several performance parameters. I was also tired of researching the various companies and comparing their pros and cons. So, when a recommendation and that too from a friend using their service came along, I jumped at the opportunity.

Everything seemed hunky dory for the first couple of months save a few minor glitches which I was able to fix through their support pages. However, these glitches were happening at a greater frequency a few months after I registered with them. Clearly there were some technical issues simmering which they were not able to fix. I tried calling them but the best response was a ticket but no follow up ever happened. Emails went unanswered.

Many times I don’t get emails which clients send to me. This has resulted in acute embarrassment and loss of business. At, times my account is shown as suspended for no apparent reason. Their infrastructure might be good, but the tech support is pits. They never make an attempt to understand your problem which results in delay in delivering solutions. All complaints get you a standard response – upgrade your plan so that they we serve you better. By no means is this a fair approach to a genuine problem faced by your customers.

When I realized that things were getting worse, I decided to move on and find a better hosting service for my business. Once bitten, twice shy, this time I moved cautiously and take a broader opinion from diverse resources before zeroing in on the best option. I read reviews on various sites, visited forums, scanned several independent comments and finally prepared a list of service providers who looked good enough to provide the kind of hosting service I wanted for my business.

After meticulously going through the websites of the companies on my shortlist and checking their various plans, services and pricing, I chose Go4Hosting. That was almost a year ago and I am happy to state that I am still using their services. Read on to know how Go4Hosting made a difference to my business processes, reputation and bottom line.

Unlike other providers, Go4Hosting has a Tier III data center which makes business operations not only simple but highly efficient too. I got easy access to the latest technologies which gave my business a truly professional image. They guarantee 99.95% network uptime and have lived up to it impressively.

The best thing I like about Go4Hosting is their level of data security. My critical data is kept intact with their stringent security provisions. The company lives up to their promise of 24×7 network maintenance and customer support services although I have scarcely used them in recent times.

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