Quality Dedicated Server Providers Offer Better Security and Reliability

For organizations or individuals who have just started out, shared hosting is the most ideal option.  This type of hosting in which a single physical hosts multiple websites is pretty inexpensive and should be the preferred option for low traffic websites.  However, once your business starts to expand and so does your website traffic, you should seriously start looking for some quality dedicated server providers. Upgrading to dedicated servers from shared hosting will offer you a host of advantages and benefits. A dedicated server is important to operate resource-intensive websites that generate a lot of traffic. In fact businesses with traffic intensive website will have to opt for dedicated server hosting if they are serious about maintaining a serious online presence.
Dedicated-Server-ProvidersIn the following paragraphs we shall look at some of the primary advantages of dedicated hosting and see as to why it is important to hire the services of some well-known dedicated servers providers to flawlessly operate a website.

Dedicated servers offer greater flexibility with improved customization and configuration. A high traffic website needs the resources and power of an entire server to perform at its optimum level. A dedicated server reserved exclusively for its use will ensure that the website remains available and accessible despite dense online traffic.  The website will load quickly and the level of security will be much higher than shared hosting.  Dedicated hosting gives you the ability to go beyond the resource limitations that exists in a shared hosting environment.

Keeping all these important factors in mind we now enumerate the important features and benefits of dedicated hosting.

Additional levels of reliability

Shared hosting offered by quality service providers is usually reliable but it certainly is no match for the reliability offered by dedicated servers’ providers.  Shared hosting compels you to share server space with other people. Extra resource consumption by other websites means that you do not have enough resources like bandwidth, RAM, CPU, storage, etc to seamlessly run your own website.

A dedicated server completely eliminates the possibility of your website performing sub-optimally owing to resources crunch. The entire server and its resources are meant to keep your website performing at its optimum level irrespective of the traffic it is generating. Also, each dedicated server has its own IP address unlike shared hosting where all the websites residing on the same server has the same IP address. This is one big disadvantage of shared hosting as all the websites will be held responsible and penalised for any mischief created by a single website.

Administrative access

A shared hosting provider will give you limited administrative access if you are on a shared hosting plan owing to security reasons.  This means that there is certain limit as to what you can do with your website. Dedicated server providers on the other hand will give you root/administrator access, which allows you to install programs and perform custom program configurations. Getting a root access to the server also ensures exceptionally high levels of uptime. Root access allows you to keep a close tab on server performance and usage of server resources. This enables identification of potential problems and resource allocation at an early stage leading to quick rectification.

Advanced technical support

Reputable dedicated hosting servers providers offer you advanced technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  These firms have highly trained and knowledgeable IT professionals who can quickly take stock of the situation and come up with the right solution in real quick time.  Faster response time from qualified professionals can offer you the information and advice you need to troubleshoot website issues, change server settings, and perform other functions among other things for optimised website performance.

Exceptionally high levels of uptime

In an immensely competitive online world where there are hundreds of websites like yours jostling for visitor’s attention, it is imperative to try and do something that will give your website a competitive edge on the World Wide Web. A fully functional website that loads quickly and remains accessible despite heavy online traffic, apart from gaining a higher ranking in search engine result pages, will also generate customer loyalty.

Well-established dedicated server providers offer optimum bandwidth and space, quick upgrades, dedicated support, improved level of server security resulting in high performance and stability. This ensures that your website remains operational with exceptional level of uptime (upwards of 99.95 per cent). Quick loading and always accessible websites will generate consumer loyalty, which subsequently will result in brand loyalty and more online revenue generation.

Better performance

Dedicated hosting also enhances the overall website performance.  You have all the resources you need to effectively and efficiently meet the demands placed on you by high network traffic.  To help you get the most out of your dedicated server hosting, Go4Hosting offers fully managed dedicated hosting at affordable rates. To know more about this affordable and reliable dedicated server provider and its safe and secure dedicated hosting plans in India can call it on its toll free number 1800-212-2022.

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