Advantages of Choosing WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is popular because WordPress is the most commonly used user-friendly tool for website creation. Whether you own a small or large business, you will find WordPress hosting convenient. Besides being easy to use, it is also easy to install and upgrade. Even without technical expertise, one can start using WordPress and create blogs and sites, news sites and magazines. The software comes with many plug-ins and themes which help you to customize your site easily. It is SEO-friendly and has all features that are needed to improve site rankings in search engines. Viewers can interact with you on the content through their comments posted on the website. Such features are particularly beneficial when you own a blogging site. It is also supported by a rather active community and help for queries are available promptly.


Why has WordPress hosting become more popular than shared hosting?

  • The loading speed of web pages will directly influence how popular you website is amongst viewers. When the site takes very long to load, the user is likely to leave the site. When this phenomenon keeps getting repeated, the traffic to your website will decline dramatically. This is something which businesses buying shared hosting plans often experience since there are many users using server space collectively. WordPress hosting, on the other hand, is powered by SSD and this ensures faster website loading speed.
  • With WordPress hosting, security of your site is not a concern as it may be in shared hosting. Sites and blogs are continuously scanned and monitored and effective provisions undertaken to prevent malware and suspicious files. Reliable WordPress hosting India providers for instance will install effective security measures to avoid any breach.
  • Since there are automatic backups, you will not be faced with problems of data loss even when there is a calamity. Daily backups are carried out in this type of hosting unlike in shared hosting plans. When you choose specialized WordPress hosting from reputed providers, you can benefit from the latest upgraded versions.
  • Customer support for this type of hosting is excellent when you choose quality providers. This support is offered by experts who can handle all WordPress-related problems and queries. The managed WordPress hosting services for example know which version of WordPress you are operating and the plug-ins you have set up. This makes them better equipped to resolve glitches that may surface during its operation.
  • When you choose managed WordPress hosting, you can enjoy greater uptime and scalability; you are ready to handle large volumes of traffic than would have been possible with shared hosting plans.
  • When you look for providers of WordPress hosting, you can choose from many options. You will come across thousands of WordPress hosting providers which claim to offer top notch services. Below are some important factors which you should consider when choosing a provider:
  • Superior quality hardware is what you must get from a quality hosting service. This is because the hardware quality of the RAM or memory, CPU or processing power and HDDs or disk space largely influences the site’s overall performance.
  • You must ensure that the provider offers round-the-clock support for WordPress hosting. Even when you know how to install, secure, create backups and caching, you will still require this support. This technical support is made available through support forums, telephone calls, live web chats, support ticket system and emails.
  • You need to ensure that the host guarantees you a high uptime of 99.9%. The host should also be prepared to offer you backup provisions for data backups and recovery.

In short, you must evaluate your own business needs to understand whether you need shared, dedicated, VPS or managed hosting solutions. Free WordPress hosting is offered in small groups and online forums but you may have to allow banner ads or text links in site footers. Shared WordPress hosting is most commonly accepted because it is affordable and ideal for those just starting out. However, users with shared WordPress hosting will only enjoy limited resources. When you get substantial traffic you may have to upgrade the plan. In VPS WordPress hosting, you can enjoy control and privacy of a dedicated server minus the high costs. The dedicated hosting plans will give you greater control over the choice of hardware, operating system and applications. Those buying managed WordPress hosting can depend on the host for optimizing the site performance and keeping it secure with regular backups. So, managed WordPress hosting is hassle-free and backed by superior support from WordPress experts.

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