The Most Notable and Affordable Cloud Hosting Services

The Most Notable and Affordable Cloud Hosting Services

Web hosting industry is highly saturated with number of hosting service providers making it difficult for potential clients to choose the right host that offers economy as well as performance. This is especially true in case of cloud hosting services that must be assessed on the basis of multiple performance parameters in addition to economy of hosting plans.

Brief overview of cloud hosting

Unlike traditional webhosting service that is provided from a single data center facility, cloud hosting involves an extensive network of servers that are positioned in different data center locations across the globe to simultaneously store clients’ data on all servers.

This particular arrangement explains why cloud hosting offers greater performance, speed, scalability, and availability in comparison with traditional hosting. Although, cloud hosting is a multi-tenant offering, it is able to deliver far better performance compared with shared hosting due to greater resource availability in terms of RAM and CPU. Cloud hosting is also costlier than shared hosting for the same reason.

Cloud hosting offers reliable storage and backup facilities. The most striking attribute of cloud hosting is its ability to ensure incessant availability because of presence of multiple servers in a given cloud network that supports uninterrupted service in the event of outage or server failure.

Given below is a collection of few of the top cloud services for 2017


If you are looking for highly reliable and established cloud host that has a proven track record of providing cloud hosting with touch of excellence, then ComputeHost is your obvious choice. ComputeHost has achieved proficiency of using the right techniques and right tools to provide remarkably secure cloud server for businesses form any global location.

The pay as you go model enables optimum utilization of invested amount. No wonder, ComputeHost is a reputed cloud provider in BFSI, healthcare, manufacturing, telecom, and government institutions.


BlueHost is regarded as a good cloud provider. They are offering cheap cloud hosting plans with fair amount of resources even in their basic plans. You can expect SSL certificate, Spam expert, site backup, and privacy guard facilities with their Business Pro plans.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is reckoned for a community portal that is remarkably supportive and provides a large number of tutorials as well. Users are allowed to modify distribution, server location, or installation application with just a single click.

1 and 1 cloud hosting

1 and 1 claims to offer its cheap cloud hosting service that are backed by SSD storage, flexible firewall, and unlimited traffic facilities.  If you are working under tight budget and are a small company, then this can be the right choice for you. You are also allowed load balancer and dedicated IP facility with this hosting service.


This is also a highly reputed provider of cheap cloud hosting with an initial hosting plan starting at only $7 per month. CloudWays is a single source to avail cheap services from Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Kyup and Vultr. You can also easily migrate from one account to another without hassles with help of a single click migration facility.


SiteGround is ideal cloud host for low cost hosting services with a feature rich entry level plan that offers 5TB bandwidth, and 29 Gig disk space. You can expect a satisfactory site performance with their fully managed servers and high performance SSD hosting.


If you are looking forward to create a blazing fast, secure, and scalable site, then cloud hosting is your right choice. Although, it is relatively more expensive option than shared web hosting, you can choose one of the cheap web hosts that have been mentioned in this article for better cost optimization.

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