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All of us have electronic devices in our home which can are controlled by a remote control. These electronic devices communicate with the remote control by an IR sensor. But today due to the enhancement in the technology field almost every smartphone contains an IR sensor and can be converted into a universal remote control for almost every electronic device. All the electronic devices contains and IR receiver and the remote control consists of the IR transmitter to make a successful connection they both should be working perfectly.

If you are wondering how you can convert your smartphone into a remote control for your TV ,air-conditioner, etc. Some smartphone companies like MI ,Samsung and Sony have their inbuilt applications through which you can control your electronic devices by making your smartphone into a remote controller. But nothing to worry if you don’t have a smartphone of one of these companies because there are many applications available on the Play store to convert smartphones into universal remote control. Our team has done a lot of research and has prepared a list of some of the best universal remote control apps for Android.

Hair are the best free universal remote apps available on the Play store.

1.   SURE Universal

This is known to be the best universal remote application and have won several awards. It has a lot of features which helps you to fully integrate your home with the iot (internet of things)  technology. It can help you control almost every electrical appliance present in your home. Sure universal as both the features to help you control all your apps it has Wi-Fi control for smart devices and IR control for traditional devices. It is easy to use application and can be used by anyone.

2.   Anymote – Smart IR Remote

As its name shows it uses IR sensor to help you control all the electrical appliances in your home. This is a very unique application which converts your smartphone into the universal remote and allows you to customise your smart remote according to your needs. This application there are a lot of customizations available ,some of the following are given below:

  1. Swappable buttons
  2. Single touch commands execution
  3. Voice commands using google now
  4. Runs in the background
  5. Eyes free control

These were some of the main and amazing customizations available in this application.

  1. Google Home

This is the application developed by Google itself. It has two variants. The first one is the Oracle which lets you know your program for the day. It can do anything you desire for example it can feel your room with whale noises. The second one is another type of Google home and it is more than your answer box. This app helps you set, manage and control your Google home, chromecast devices and can customise what you get from the Google assistant.

These were some of the best universal remote apps available in the market there are many more apps check ok them out in this article about best universal remote apps at dailyjunkies.

Can I use my phone as universal remote?

The answer is yes you can easily use your phone as a universal remote. You are only required to download an app in your smartphone which can convert your smartphone to a remote control.

Can iPhone be a universal remote?

Yes , an iPhone can also be converted into a universal remote but for this you will need a griffin beacon. Griffin beacon pairs with iPhone via bluetooth and converts the iPhones command into IR signals. iPhones don’t have IR sensors in them because of that the Griffin beacon is needed.

Final Words

This article is for the ones who are searching for the best universal remote control apps. Our team has worked hard to solve all the queries regarding this topic through this article to know more about this topic subscribe to Dailyjunkies.

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