3 exciting things about 9Apps you should not miss

There are so many play stores out there to choose from. But one store that sounds and works wonderful is 9apps. This plays store should surely be on your device. If you have never used this play store, make sure that you do it now. After all, when you can get all types of applications from a play store, why would you not be inclined towards it!

Once you have installed 9apps Apk, this play store would be on your android device. The play store is really amazing because of its features and the variety it carries. Without saying anything more, have a look at three exciting things about this store that you should not miss.

  1. All types of apps

You heard it right the play store has all types of applications for the users to install. In every type of application, you would find variety too. Moreover, you know what you would get all the applications that are of different types or belong to different genres.  No matter cooking, dating, learning, gaming, music, videos, movies, educational shows ro anything else; you can have all the types of applications without any problem. These applications would give you a fulfilling and uplifting time for sure. Variety always impresses and there is no doubt 9apps does the same.

  1. The light weight

Yes, the play store is really light in its weight. The weight does not exceed 10mb in any case.  You would find the play store working smoothly and flawlessly because of its feather like weight. Often the play stores are really heavy and take up a lot of space in your device. It not just creates a problem for you in the sense of storage but also make you feel annoyed because of frequent hiccups. But since 9apps is light to use and has no problem with the performance, you would never find any issues with this store.

  1. Free apps and absolutely safe

All the applications that you install from 9apps are absolutely free. Even the apps that you otherwise find pricy are going to be free of cost in the realm of 9apps. In this way you would get all these wonderful apps free of cost. You should also remember that the pricy and the subscription oriented applications are also there on 9apps for free.  In this way if there is any HD game or the prestigious application that you always wished to have on your device but because of its price you couldn’t; fulfil this thing now with this play store.

Moreover, Safety is also an important concern for users. If you think that just because 9apps is a third party play store it is going to give you issues with safety then you are wrong. This play store has many applications that are absolutely safe. You would not experience any type of issues at all. The point is all the applications that get uploaded on this store are properly checked before they are there. In this way users face no issues at all.

Thus, multiply and uplift your entertainment, learning and fun with 9apps today!

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