Experience the Power of Dedicated Server Hosting Services

Companies opt for the dedicated server hosting when they want to have complete control over the server and want to install their own hardware and software that is suitable to their business. They also do not want any intrusion and do not want to share any of the resources with other users. They do not mind the higher costs that dedicated server asks for as they are benefitted with better performance, more stability and more security to their server. They also have their own technical specialists to monitor and manage the infrastructure and other resources.

Dedicated Hosting

What is a dedicated server and what does it offer?

It is a single web server connected to a network of computers but the server and the resources are exclusively leased out to one single client. They do not share anything related to the resources and are in complete control of the bandwidth, memory and storage space. The dedicated server can easily manage large flow of traffic, multiple domains. The clients can customize the hardware and software as per their business requirements.

With dedicated server hosting the client is benefited by

Enhanced security: Being the sole owner of the server, the client has root access to the server and the resources making it more secure than the other forms of hosting.
Scalability: The client can increase the space whenever they are having higher flow of traffic. They do not have to migrate to other servers like it happens with VPS hosting.
Reliability: the host normally provides the services in two forms. The client can opt for the managed hosting if they do not have technically competent personnel to handle the server and other maintenance issues.
Customization: The client can install any software or hardware as needed by their business.
Customer support: 24/7 customer service is extended for any issues relating to the server and pre-installed applications. Technical support is extended to the client if they have opted for the managed dedicated hosting.
• Dedicated server hosting also ensures proactive monitoring to the server to check the health of the server. Any probable issues likely to arise are aborted before they are born. This ensures continuous availability of the website without hindrance.

Linux or Windows:
While availing the dedicated server hosting services, the client gets the option between Linux and Windows. Linux dedicated hosting is preferable for those websites that use CGI, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl , Python or SSI programming languages and use the MySQL database. In case the website runs on any of the Windows specific technologies like ASP, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and .NET then it would be much more logical and convenient to go in for Windows dedicated hosting. Linux users get the cPanel while Windows users come with Plesk control panels. The control panels provide easy to use interfaces and make it manageable for both the server administrators and the clients.

Managed or self managed:
The host gives the dedicated server hosting client choice of managed and unmanaged support. In the unmanaged or self managed where the client has to take the responsibility of maintenance and security the website. The host only extends their support to the hardware and infrastructure and any pre-installed software. It is the cheapest form of dedicated hosting. The self managed dedicated server hosting customer is the one who uses a fully customized server and they need to have their own technically competent manpower. The host will extend technical support at the request of the client but at an additional cost that may vary depending on the support extended. The host extends full technical support to the managed dedicated server hosting client. The customer gets more time to develop their business and expand rather than worry about the technical issues.

Though the dedicated hosting is quite expensive and not suitable for small businesses, the hosts provide flexible and feature rich dedicated server hosting plans. The clients can join the reseller plans of the host wherein they are at liberty to resell the unused resources and make a decent profit. The host does not interfere in the business and the client acts as if they are the owners. They extend the same features and benefits that they get from the host.

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