WhatsApp allows the users to pin their favorite conversation..!

In the instant messaging platform the WhatsApp hold its place tightly over the world. As it grown as a startup in the initial stage, later it reaches millions of users by its simple usage and low data required for the usage. During that time many service providers furnishes service for the short message service with a certain price. Tough it was an affordable price the people impress with the messaging app because it reduced the cost for the SMS service and data packages. By the year of 2014, the WhatsApp cross the number users more than the Facebook users because of its low data usage. WhatsApp allows the users to send images, videos, GIF, sharing locations, files, phone contacts and voice notes.

Shortage in WhatsApp service

WhatsApp suffered a huge Global outage earlier affecting millions of users unable to send and receive the messages for few hours. A WhatsApp spoke person said WhatsApp users in all region of the world were unable to access the WhatsApp for the few hours and added that they have fixed the issue and apologies for the inconvenience. However, they didn’t say the cause of this problem. But the WhatsApp furnish service to the billions of active user is back running with as normal only with the new features.

Pin our beloved one’s chats

This allows the users to pin their chats at the top of the app when their phone crammed with the conversations. At the same time, this feature is available n the beta version. If a user likes to work on the new feature, then there is need to download the beta version. In order to pin the conversation tap and hold the conversation until getting the options like delete, archive, pin and mute options. Only three chats can at the same time. A notification will send to the user after pinned a set of three chat, they can’t pin anymore chat. Let it allow the user according to their mood change of unpin the pinned chat and pin the newly three chats.

Unsend feature

WhatsApp has slowly added its feature as it grown in popularity since WhatsApp was acquired by the Facebook in 2014. It also provides the self-sharing app snap chat with the feature allows the user to self-deleting the pictures. It also working on the feature that the users can revoke the message within five minutes after the message has been sent to avoid the embarrassing moment. As long as the blue tick is shown in the conversation the user can revoke the message. It’s one of the chances to remove the message from the receiver phone before they had a chance to read that message. This is good news for the user who sent the unnecessary pictures to the wrong person.

To become a beta tester

According to the WABetaInfo, reported as the feature being tested in the beta version of WhatsApp before releasing in the firm of the Android and iOS platform. If the Android users want to become the beta tester, then login in the beta tester option available in the WhatsApp update page in the Play store. For the iOS user, the developer needs to send the request to become a beta tester. It does not yet know when the unsend feature will release to all platform but the WABetaInfo reported that this feature will arrive after the Apple’s next iOS releases. Once this feature is release, it will be optional the user can switch it on or off in the settings.

Live location sharing

WhatsApp also in the process of the testing the live message feature, it allows the user to send the information of the changes in real time. For example, if the users like to meet their friends this feature allows the user to share their location and update to the friend. It helps to find out the users in busy crowd of any occasional event. This feature asks the user for the duration in that location. It shows the options for the time from zero to infinite. Once the duration finished it send the notification message to the user to remember.

Status attribute

Another feature is that allows the user to post the videos and photos as in status feature, it available for twenty-four hours to the user’s contact person. The new status posts are encrypted end-to-end, the outside user cannot access the without knowledge of the poster.

Siri updates

In the previous month, the WhatsApp release the new version Siri for the iOS users. It already available for the Apple users it suggests the user for the reply to a message. But now it can read out the latest unread message of the WhatsApp. The user need to ask the Siri to read out the message like “Hey Siri! Please read out the last message”. It is possible to read the message if any message left as unread. It will be very useful while the user in driving to read the message as hand free.

Even reply to them without using the hand that is without using the hand. In the latest update of the WhatsApp for the iOS 10.3 Software able to get the Siri to read and compose the WhatsApp message. The users need to give permission for the Siri by enable it as on in the settings. Tough it read out the notification but not to dictate the already seen message. The call tabs have been replaced by the plus icon. To make the people to use easier, the two steps verification security feature has also been redesigned.

Further features of WhatsApp

In the earlier version of the WhatsApp, changing the number from an old phone to the new phone was a tedious process, because of losing chat datum mainly from the group chats. The users need to contact their friends to again add them in the group. But now the user won’t left from the WhatsApp group while changing the number. In the end to end encryption security provides to the users chats. It encodes the message once send by the users and reach the destination in the encrypted form as binary code. After reaching the destination the messages are decrypted to a normal form that is from the binary code to the texted messages. Hence the attackers or any unauthorized persons cannot access the message without the knowledge of the both the sender and the receiver.

While the WhatsApp acquired by the Facebook promise to the user the data of the user won’t share to anyone and it was in the most secured way. But recently, European authorities reported as the WhatsApp share the user’s details to its parent company of Facebook. They have shared the personal information to the advertisements company for the marketing purpose. The personal information may include the user’s contact number and chats data.


Meanwhile, in the growth of WhatsApp faces many struggles to reach the users. In the messaging platform, WhatsApp was the most eminent app in around the world. Recently, a report from the WhatsApp the Indians spent their most of their time in making video calling. Though some outage in the WhatsApp they recover it as soon as possible and focused on the new features. It always attracts its users by updating new and required feature to make the conversation quite easy. Get an access to most interesting clone scripts through Zoplay and we also have the best WhatsApp clone script like SCIMBO for you to try as well.

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