Go4hosting VS BigRock VS CtrlS – A Comparative Study

Are you looking for an efficient and reputed data center service in India?  With so many players in the field, it is difficult to make the right choice without putting in some effort. Research reveals that the best data center services in India today are Go4hosting, BlueHost and CtrlS.

Data center has become an integral part of IT services over the past few years. There is a growing demand for quality data center services but companies are finding it difficult to get good value for their investment in data centers because there are only a handful of committed hosts in the Indian marketplace. With data center technology changing and evolving rapidly, only a few top players have been able to keep pace with the global standards of quality and service.

You can safely deduce that Go4hosting, BlueHost and CtrlS are the top three options available. Now, to determine which one is the best, we will have to compare the various features and benefits of these three.


Key Features And Benefits:


Go4hosting is a name that’s highly trusted and reputed when it comes to providing quality hosting and data center solutions. You can enjoy a seamless hosting experience as the data center is powered by path-breaking technologies. The flexible and scalable features offered by Go4hosting are designed to take care of the current and future needs of your business. Data center requirement of 30,000 clients, that includes some of the top names in various industry verticals, are being served by the company currently.

Flexible and state-of-the-art architecture offered by Go4hosting allow users to manage their IT infrastructure, services and applications in an efficient manner. Go4hosting can easily manage large volume of data with its high resilience capabilities. Customization is another key advantage of using the data center services of Go4hosting. The services and features can be tailored to match the varying needs of any business.

The other important offerings from Go4hosting include remote storage, on-demand scalability, and data archiving. Go4hosting also offers the best backup solutions to ensure 24/7 power supply. You can enjoy high availability of your business website which can improve business, drive more visitors and boost profitability. With Go4hosting you can enjoy these much-desired features too:

  • Superior scalability
  • Advanced technology
  • Broader data storage capabilities
  • Impregnable security


BlueHost is another big name in data center and web hosting domain in India. It was launched close on the heels of Go4hosting and is one of the top providers of hosting service. While their web hosting service is good, the fact that they do not have a data center in India puts them at a disadvantage. Their data center in Utah is the point where from where they serve most of their clients. They also serve customers from the Reseller Club.

On the pricing front too, BlueHost does not compare favorably with Go4hosting. Basic data center and web hosting plans are affordable but they do not have the punch features needed to manage your websites and applications smoothly. Of course, you can use the premium features but the value for money factor is missing. The redeeming factor is that there are a number of hosting plans on offer. You can choose the best one for your business based on your operational needs and budget.


CtrlS is without doubt a big and trusted name in web hosting and data center services. However, the key features of this hosting service are not world class according to reviews and feedback from clients. It clearly falls short of its attempt to grab industry leadership position as it can scarcely give any serious competition. In terms of reliability and performance, Go4hosting is miles ahead of CtrlS.

The company offers a fairly decent starter plan that comes with average bandwidth but disappoints with its domain offer. The features and support offered does nothing to impress you. It is tough to convince anyone to invest their hard-earned money in CtrlS as the return value is less than impressive.

The 99.9% uptime guarantee is an impressive plus point and compares well to uptime offered by other top players in the hosting industry. The data center is powered by advanced technology while the servers can keep your data fully secured and protected at all times. CtrlS offers a wide range of plans at not-so-impressive pricing for clients. Customer support too leaves much to be desired.

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