Which Factors Should You Consider When Looking For Top Cloud Services Provider in India?

Shifting your business data and operations to the cloud is a wise decision when you need more flexibility, scalability, accessibility, affordability, reliability and enhanced security for your data. The top cloud services providers in India will ensure that you can save a lot of money on capital and operational costs because you do not have to buy and maintain hardware for data storage when you choose cloud hosting. Cloud hosting technologies eliminate the need for you to keep an IT staff for server management and troubleshooting server-related glitches. Besides, when you opt for cloud hosting, you can view data at any time from any location in the world, as long as you have Internet connectivity. Being able to collaborate on editing files from various locations at the same time will help to boost productivity and access important data online any time. Moreover, when you do not have to focus on maintaining servers or backing up critical data, you can devote more time to developing other important areas of the business.


Factors that you need to consider when choosing the top cloud services providers in India:

1. When looking for the top cloud services providers in India, you must ask yourself some pertinent questions like whether they support different kinds of cloud computing technologies. You should also evaluate your own business needs first to understand whether cloud computing will work for you and benefit your business goals.

2. When searching for the top cloud services providers in India, you need to ensure that their pricing structure suits your budget. This means that besides knowing your monthly costs, you must ask about upfront payments if any, installation charges and prices for additional software and upgrades. The fees are usually charged by the month or year and may vary from one vendor to another.

3. It is also important to consider the security aspects before signing up with any of the top cloud services providers in India. The vendors you have shortlisted should be able to implement stringent security measures to protect valuable data, such as data encryption, round-the-clock surveillance, cardkey entries etc for avoiding security breaches. The provider should also be carrying out regular security updates and upgrades to make sure that data is well-protected against hackers and viruses. The vendor must implement measures like effective firewalls, virus identification and removal, and routine security audits. The provider you choose should also comply with laws set by the government for protection of client data like the HIPAA for protecting privacy of patient data.

4. When you want the top cloud services providers in India, you must also find out how secure their data centers are. The data centers should ideally be located in an area which is not vulnerable to natural calamities like floods or earthquakes. The facilities must also be well protected by physical security measures like on-site surveillance by security personnel to ensure that they are safe. You can inquire about the provider’s certifications related to customer data privacy and data center security. At the same time, the provider you choose should also be able to retrieve data which has been accidentally misplaced or deleted by the. You can be sure about this when you have carefully reviewed their SLA or Service Level Agreements. This will also throw light on their data redundancy facilities to avoid risks of losing data and the compensations they will extend for failure to avoid data losses.

5. To get the top cloud services providers in India, you must find out about their uptime guarantees. This requires you to also find out about their downtime history and check for response times taken by them to resolve technical problems to get the site up and running. This means that the provider should be able to provide you with round-the-clock technical supports through chats, emails and phone calls. You can test their response times and find out about the level of support from client testimonials and online reviews.

6. Finally, a good cloud hosting services provider will always allow you to scale your resources up and down depending on the traffic demands. So, when you choose the top cloud services providers in India, you need to ensure that their hosting solutions are scalable. You should be able to avail of additional resources when your site needs them.

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