Embark your journey to Penang by bus from Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur being the capital of Malaysia is the gateway to many other cities which offer great tourism in the country.One such city is Penang, also known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’. It is a popular tourist destination and attracts tourists both from within the country and as well as internationally. Penang is a multicultural city with rich heritage and culture. You can enjoy the sandy beaches with pristine water and view the wonderful architectural temples and buildings. The journey to Penang can be made by bus from KL (Kuala Lumpur). If you want to visit Penang, then you can take a bus from the many buses operating from KL. Over a 100 bus operators render their service daily to Penang from KL. The approximate distance between the two cities is 292 kilometres and takes about 4 to 5 hours to reach. Your cost of travel by bus from KL to Penang would vary from 37 Malaysian Ringgit to 42 Ringgit.

To get a bus to Penang, you need to get a bus either from Pudu Raya bus terminal or from the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan in KL. As a fleet of buses ply from one city to another, you can get a bus at your own convenient time. To get a ticket you can visit the local booths in the bus station. Alternately, you can also book them online for your own convenient and ease. Bus tickets are much cheaper between the two places. Booking online tickets will helpyou save your time and as well as your money. There are many online sites from where you can book your tickets. You can book tickets at any time from your home, even if it is a holiday and be rest assured for your confirmed journey. There are also trains and flights available to Penang. However, the same are more expensive and limited in availability compared to bus. Travel by bus from KL to Penang will serve as the best means of transportation compared to others. All buses ply from Highway No. 1 to Penang. Travel by bus is compared to be affordable and convenient. By boarding in your bus from KL, you can witness the amazing sights before reaching Penang. The buses will terminate at either SungaiNibong bus terminal or at Butterworth in Penang.

Malaysia is home to many tourist attractions. Both Kuala Lumpur and Penang are preferred one of the top tourist destination. Penang has been accredited as the World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is a city where the East meets the West. Your journey to Penang will be incomplete without visiting George Town, which too have attractive tourism to explore. And you will not hesitate to visit this magnificent city. So book your bus tickets online from KL to Penang and witness the enthralling beauty of George Town. Ensure that you keep a track on the schedule of your said destination. So grab your tickets and then you will be on the go.

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