Choosing the Best Drag and Drop Tool for Creating a Stunning Website

Building a website is no more a pain in the neck. One doesn’t require devoting endless hours learning how to code. Thanks to the invention of drag and drop tools; website building is easier. All one requires doing is drag and drop. These tools are available as a lifetime subscription to users.

Heard of these tools before? Well experienced professionals and designers working for a reputed website designing company swear by these tools. There are a number of reasons these tools have attained popularity among novices and professionals these days. Some of these include:

No Coding

Although it is good to know how to code and work with programming languages, developing a professional website doesn’t necessarily require specified expertise. One can easily build a website with these tools. With a tool like Dragify, you simply need to drag and drop pieces into place.


These dynamic and fully efficient tools are available at affordable prices. Dragify, one of the most sought after drag and drop website building tool service is available for just $24.99 which approximately amounts to £19.

Pre-Built Elements

Most of these tools are available with a wide range of pre-built elements. This helps in moving around freely to ensure an ideal setup in no time at all.


If you wish to try your hands at code-level customization, go to these drag and drop tools. The best part is that you can customize the pages right before putting your site online.

Ease of Use

Drag and drop tools are very easy to use. One doesn’t need to have thorough knowledge of coding of a language to do so.

How to Choose the Best Tool?

When choosing a drag and drop tool for building website, make sure you look for the following elements:

– Ease of use
– Flexibility
– Design output

Beaver Builder

This is a premium plugin for WordPress drag and drop web page builder. One of the best in the market, the website builder is easy to use and extremely fast. It comes equipped with a built in on-boarding tour, which familiarizes users with their interface really fast! The main highlight of the plugin is the live drag and drop interface. User can easily have a look at all changes while adding them. This is done by simply dragging elements from the right sidebar and then dropping them on the desired page. For editing, simply click on any element in the desired page.

Armed with a number of basic and advanced modules covering everything you may wish to add, users have been going ga-ga over this amazing introduction. You can find modules to add carousel, sliders, backgrounds, buttons, content blocks, among various other things. The best part is that Beaver Builder is immensely easy to use for beginners.


This is yet another dynamic drag and drop WordPress page builder. The tool has been created with the sole aim of ensuring speed for users. You need to use the tool once to realize how fast and responsive it is. Since it is a live page builder plugin, you will get to see your page live while editing. All you need to do is create sections and choose the number of columns for every section. Thereafter, simply drag and drop widgets from the left panel to the desired section. The tool comes equipped with tons of widgets, including most frequently used website elements.

Right from basic image and text widgets to highly advanced sliders, accordions, testimonials, social media, icons, tabs, and much more, the tool comes with all that’s needed to make the website building process easier. Each widget of this tool comes with its own settings. It also helps you to add widgets created by other WordPress plugins.

If you are not interested in creating your own plugin, Elementor comes with several ready-to-use templates to be simply inserted into your pages. Simply point and click to edit any item on the page. Now replace it with your own content. How simple is that?


This is a drag and drop theme and WordPress page builder. The easy to use website design tool serves as a fast WordPress theme. It comes equipped with over 20+ layouts/templates for varied types of websites. Users can easily create and save their own Divi layouts. Another way is to export a layout from one Divi installation into another. It is available with a huge number of elements that you simply need to drag and drop anywhere in your layout to design a stunning website. The page builder functionality of a Divi is amazing which facilitates users to work with other WordPress too.

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