4 Reasons Call Center Services in India Are Preferred By MNCs

The explanation for the undeniable fact that companies continue the decades-long trend of selecting Indian call center service providers like Go4customer for chat support outsourcing, client support, back-office tasks, etc. is the value for money that we can deliver on a continued basis.

The rising standard of living of the Indian youth creates a prime opportunity for multinational companies to lure the best talent into their employee ranks, promising regular payment increments that cause less attrition of talent for the companies. However, small and medium enterprises may not be able to invest large amounts of money into maintaining an in-house call center, which is why call center outsourcing has not slackened its pace ever since it took off in a big way near the beginning of the 21st century.

The Indian population is huge – and that is an understatement. There are many individuals who have capitalized on the educated youth within the metropolises and turned call center services into higher ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services).

The Expansion of Indian Call Center Services

The call center business in India is faced with challenges, still, the market value it holds may be a huge piece of the overall picture. The country has a one hundred and twenty five million English speaking population and each year, India produces one and a half million engineers. That’s an enormous chunk of the qualified population that is inherently able to assist businesses and their customers all the time, at every level of the consumer service delivery process.

To fight the problem of rising competition from other nations, Indian call centers are unified in targeting a few industry-wide problems. The major ones are attrition, employee health deterioration, the plateau that the call center services industry has hit, rising rates of real estate, xenophobia among westerners about having to interact with (and seek help from, which they anyway do not see kindly) a stranger on a distant land, falling customer interaction satisfaction levels due to the increasingly impatient wave of consumers who have come to expect immediate redress for their issues with any company, political upheaval in the United States of America leading to a focus on internalizing their businesses, and too much focus and dependence on western markets (meaning that the newer call center outsourcing markets cannot be served properly and turn to other nations).

This approach of solving problems at an industry level through combined efforts has given good results for a variety of BPOs and Indian call centers are flaunting their price advantage once more.

Indian BPOs have a reputation of providing exceptional call center services to companies across the board. Despite some unprecedented happenings putting a spanner in the works in the last few years, the services of Indian call centers remain highly in demand. India’s continuous adherence to the most advanced technology gives it an edge over cheaper but less educated nations’ workforces.

Go4customer has carved a niche for itself among the leaders in the highly competitive BPO industry, and is going from strength to strength with new partnerships and clients on the rise! Join in the fun and see your business soar to the peaks of success!

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