Most common mistakes people make while using computers

When it comes to facing the fact that electronic devices cannot last forever it is hard for all of us to accept it. But that is the reality. No one should expect their phones or computers to last forever. They are created to serve you around 4-5 years. TAG It Support will give you some advice to make your computer last longer.

People have a tendency to blame the manufacturers, but in fact it is not their fault. That is how computers work and it should not surprise you. But if your computer breaks down in the first few months or year, then you should try to find the problem in yourself.

How often do you clean your computer?

Be realistic when you answer this question. 80% of computer users forget to clean their device. Computers are devices that collect dust through the ventilation systems. This slows down the computer and causes heating. In the worst possible way this can damage the mother board. So to prevent thing from happening clean the computer regularly. The best way to clean the computer is with the help of a vacuum cleaner.


Cleaning the display with inappropriate products

If you need to clean the display, use soft cotton cloth, do not put any cleaning products because you may damage the display permanently.

Installing drivers and software without restarting the computer

Yes, we all have a need of that extra time and no one wants to restart the computer after every installation, but this can seriously damage your computer. It is a common mistake that a lot of people make and then they end up blaming retailers and programmers. Remember – every time after you finish installation, restart the computer even if it doesn’t ask you to do it.

You don’t update the software regularly

Programmers work on new updates all the time. Maybe to you they seem a waste of time and you don’t think that they are important. These updates of programs and applications are actually fixes of the bugs and the problems they had in the past. These updates improve the application and do not allow malicious software to attack your device. So, if you do not want to endanger your safety and the safety of your data, update the software regularly. There is an option to do it automatically.

The computer freezes and you don’t know what to do

We’ve all been in a situation where the computer suddenly freezes or crashes and there is not much a regular user can do in that moment. Before you start panicking restart the computer from the power button and run a detailed anti – virus scan of your computer. Uninstall suspicious programs and delete suspicious files too. Clean the computer and see how it behaves. If you think that there are still problems, it is desirable to make a defragmentation of the hard drive. Before you do that, check if the warranty is expired or not.

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